On the internet, there are different kind of websites, like YouTube, Google, Facebook, etc. Everybody known this websites because we spend most part of our digital life.


For example, you don’t know something about a particular topic, person or place, you ask Google, you want to see what your favorite singer did last night, you go on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. Without doubt the Internet changed forever our lives not for nothing is the best invention after the wheel. But with this article we want to show you the other sides of the Internet, some unseen sides that maybe will shock you.

There are 3 different categories of web: Surface Web, Deep Web and Dark Web.

Surface Web:

The Surface Web is the 10% of the Internet, it is the lightest layer and that one more easy to access form anyone, for example Google, Youtube, and your football’s team website are in this layer. You can access it with a normal browser like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and even Internet Explorer.

Deep Web:

The Deep Web is the 98% of the Internet, it is the middle layer and is that one that you cannot access with a normal search engine like Google or Yahoo, for access this layer you need some credentials like a username and a password because in this layer you find your email, your bank account, your iCloud or Google Drive storage and “nobody” if not you can access this information. You can access it with a normal browser like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and even Internet Explorer.

Dark Web:

The Dark Web is the 1% of the Internet. It is the darkest and more difficult to access, you cannot access with a normal browser you need a browser called TOR (The Onion Router). This part of the Internet contains website that are censored in some part of the world, but this Dark Web contains also some dark things that in surface website you cannot find, for example secrets of countries, leaks of public personalities or politicians. There are also market places like Amazon where you can buy Guns, Drugs, Passports or Driving Licenses others where you can find Human Trafficking and Organs Trafficking some others where you can hire an Hitman to kill your wife, neighbor or your enemies. In the Dark Web where there is a Demand there is also an Offer. Now you might ask if I use my credit card the Interpol or FBI will find me?, Yes using traditional ways payments can be tracked that’s why in the Dark Web are used Crypto-currencies, one of the most famous is the Bitcoin because this cryptocurrencies are delocalized and anonymous so nobody knows that you bought that article in those websites. In 2011 was born one of the most famous of those market place was Silk Road and from 2011-2013 this website generated over 9,519,664 BTC (Bitcoin) before been shout down from FBI.

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